About Us

Getting Started:
    First you will need an estimate (free), if you are a new customer. You can call or email me, keeping in mind that I usually get my voicemail quicker. When you leave a message, please speak clearly and leave me your full name, first and last, your address and your phone number. Usually, I can swing by your home within 1-3 days and typically you don't have to be home, as I can count the windows from the outside. Please let me know if you have pets outside and what gate you would prefer I use. I will then leave the estimate at your front door or wherever you prefer. Also please specify in your original message if you would like a copy of my insurance and I will be happy to provide you with that at this time as well. 
Scheduling The Work:
    Typically I can schedule you in within a week or two maximum, keeping in mind that spring and fall may take slightly longer due to the fact that these are usually my busiest seasons for window cleaning. Also larger homes tend to schedule out a little farther than smaller homes or town homes/condos which I can usually schedule in promptly. I can be very flexible to your schedule typically. My start times during the week are between 7:00-9:00 AM, and if need be I can do your interiors first so you can get on with your day. Also remember that you can schedule your window cleaning as far in advance as you like, It's better to plan ahead. If your scheduled day arrives, and the weather does not allow for window cleaning, we will reschedule you ASAP, after all this IS Colorado!!
Window Cleaning Day:
    Before I arrive for our appointment, please make sure the window sills are cleared of knick-knacks, plants, photos, etc. Please make sure that I have access to all your windows. I can usually work around heavy items and furniture. If you prefer, you can raise or pull all blinds and curtains, otherwise I can work with and around them. A very good idea also, is to hose off areas around exterior windows where there are cobwebs, bugs, etc, spraying off the screens and exterior tracks/sills. I do "wet wipe clean" interior and exterior screens as I clean each window. Also please let me know of any interior window tinting. Keep in mind that paint removal is extra. Please secure your pets. I love animals, just not when they are biting my ankles and such.
Completion, Billing and Payment:
    Once the job is complete, I do appreciate being paid by check, cash or via Pay Pal account. I am also happy to leave a bill, payable within 15-30 days. I can also leave you some business cards if you have anyone you would like to refer to me. I love referals!! If you have any concerns after I have left, PLEASE call me immediately so we can get them worked out. The single most important issue concerning my service is not only your complete satisfaction, but that you continue to call me year after year for your window cleaning needs.
Add On Services:
    Gutter Cleaning (debris removal), Pressure Washing, Window Well Cleanouts, Light Fixture and Fan Wipedowns, Light Bulb Replacement, Mirror and Shower Door Cleaning, Screen Repair/ Replacement, Evaporative Cooler (Swamp) Maintenance as well as "Complete Handyman Services" including Caulking, Light Fixture Replacement, Faucet Replacement, General Repair Work, Minor Electrical, Minor Plumbing, Complete Woodworking from Trim to Framing and Garage Cleaning and Organization.
A Brief History:
    Bill started his window cleaning career in 1984 while working as a supervisor for Colorado Maintenance Specialties. Bill recalls, "As a supervisor, when not checking on my staff, I had time to practice various squeegee techniques on all of the entryway doors and windows at 1st National and United Banks in Boulder." Bills co-supervisor at the time, Greg David explains "Bill loved cleaning glass and he would regularly show me how fast and perfect he could clean a pane of glass just for fun." By 1986 Bill had left that position to work full time for a newly established window cleaning company, Squeegee Clean, in Boulder. A short 2 years later he would become sole owner of that same company, which he would build up into one of Boulder county's largest window cleaning operations over the next 13 years. By 2000 the frustrations of managing daily employee issues drove him to sell the company in order to embark on his own, and focus on his love of window cleaning. Looking for a new and refreshing challenge, Bill entered the world of construction window cleaning full time, exclusively cleaning windows for corporate builders such as Ryland, Pulte, KB, and Richmond American Homes. "Bill always loved construction window cleaning while most window cleaners, including myself, tended to dislike construction cleaning and prefered residential window cleaning" says John Pfarr, a former employee. Now Bill has come full circle and is eagerly getting back to his roots, which lie in residential window cleaning.